Is this texture possible to create with RealCloth?

Started by Lars, April 25, 2022, 09:33:37 AM

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Hi. I'm looking to create this texture with RealCloth. Is this possible?

Anindo Ghosh

One can get reasonably close with RealCloth, see the attached screenshot for my settings.

There doesn't seem to be any setting to allow for thin long threads with extra gaps between the groups of 3 threads, hence the shielding weave turns out a bit different from your reference. Perhaps someone could pitch in to suggest a solution to that.

There is a Keyshot Quick Tip for setting the cable shielding materials and the rest:
which points out that:
* 3D Ply Geometry must be selected in the RealCloth Properties tab / Display section
* In the Material Graph, the RealCloth output needs to be moved from the Surface to the Geometry input

For the angled weave in your reference, in RealCloth Properties / Advanced / Geometry / Angle, set it to 45 degrees.


wow Anindo that's really close! nicely done. I was thinking the only way to do this was with the old reaper plug in for Cinema4d, I've had to model the geometry for stuff like this. fortunately our fiber cable sheathing is a flat braid, so i dont' even need realcloth to simulate it. Nicely done!


Thank you Anindo! I managed to do that texture and it's close enough.

Anindo Ghosh

Thanks for the kind words, @mattjgerard and @Lars :-)