Help needed with RealCloth

Started by Lars, April 25, 2022, 09:08:11 AM

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Hi there
I want this RealCloth texture to look like the attached photo of the real thing.
I have tried loads of different settings but can't figure it out...
Can anyone help?

Anindo Ghosh

It would be helpful if you could point out what aspects you're facing a challenge with. I'd love to take a crack at it.
Also, without either the Keyshot file or the relevant material graph, it isn't clear what you have tried already.


Lighting lighting and lighting. It looks like your materials are pretty close, but the pictures have a much sharper contrasty lighting scheme to them, evidenced by the sharper refelction on the left side of the vertical one and right side of the one on the right. You are actually probably closer than you think.


Thank you for taking your time with this. I realise I didn't explain very well.
I'd like the herringbone texture to be just diagonal, marked on the two pics.

Anindo Ghosh

Hi Lars,

For your requirement, herringbone isn't the Realcloth weave to use: That's literally a herringbone pattern, i.e. alternating upward and downward diagonal.

Your pattern is much simpler, a basic 4 x 4 weave. Please see the attached screenshot. I've used Brushed Aluminium as the surface material to make the pattern clearly visible.

BIP file is attached for reference.


Wow! This is nothing short but amazing!   :) :D :) :D :)
Thank you so much!
You also made me realise I have to learn how to use the material graph more as it's very efficient.
Thanks again