Camera settings Perspective vs Axonometric

Started by Aashay, February 27, 2010, 11:25:53 AM

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Does anyone in this forum can help me out with the camera setting. I have imported a model from sketchup. For some reason I am anable to get the perspective mode in Keyshot.



I am not super familiar with SketchUp, but could it by that you have selected an orthographic camera inside SketchUp? If so, please use a perspective camera instead. Then you will be able to change the perspective.

We will address this in version 2. You will then be able to change the camera type.


Actually I finally figured out. I was using scroll to zoom in which changes the focal length and makes it axenometric. Instead I used ALT+ middle mouse click & drag (instead of scroll wheel) to zoom in which worked without changing the focal length which should be (30-35mm) for perspective. If you already used mouse Alt + scroll to zoom in and your model looks like axonometric then you should be able to change it back to 35mm or lower value into camera saetting tab in options dialog box.
Remember ALT+Mouse scroll wheel is not zoom in or out it changes sthe focal length.


Alt+Middle mouse + Drag doesnt seem to work in Sketchup 7 for me. When I open Keyshot, the camera drop down shows 'Hero' - not last active as it did earlier. What is Hero?



What is Hero?
Thomas has already been answered in another thread:
Quote from: Thomas Teger
"Hero" is the name of the camera angle. It is named after "hero shot".