Realtime VR - Keyshot HMD Viewer just black

Started by Allan, May 10, 2022, 11:59:52 PM

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I cannot get Realtime VR to work.

My VR headset works in other applications but not in Keyshot.

When I press Camera -> Enable VR it opens the Keyshot HMD Viewer window. But the window is just black.

Steam VR is running and tells me that my headset is connected.
When looking through the headset it shows a window with the Keyshot logo and either the text "loading" or "next up".

I have an HTC Vive Cosmos which is connected with cable.
My graphics card is an RTX 3060.

I have tried it with a completely empty scene except from a box inserted.

Thanks in advance,


Reply from Keyshot support:

Quote...Thank you for your patience. We were able to reproduce the issue and the Vive does indeed appear to no longer be supported on the KeyShotVR application inside of KeyShot. This may have been caused by changes to SteamVR.
The Vive is supported in KeyVR. You should run into no problems there.
I have reported it to our developers who are looking into this now. Unfortunately it will not be resolved with the KeyShot 11.2 release. It might still work in KeyShot 10, but we are investigating it on that platform as well.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
We will reach out to you the moment we have more information regarding this issue...