Is there a way to make Image Style only affect geometry and not the backplate?

Started by Namssorg, May 11, 2022, 10:01:47 AM

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I love using the Image Style tab, especially when I have to composite an image into a photograph for a lifestyle image.

Is there a way to make Image Style only affect geometry and not the backplate, essentially masking out the background from the effects of the image style?

I really, really wish there were a checkbox to have the image style only affect my geometry or mask out the background.  This way, I could see in real time how my render is going to look when composited into the image.  Currently, the image style affects the entire scene and background together, making it hard to see how my image is going to fit in.

This would be extremely powerful when I need to render an object into a stock photo- many of which have already been edited by the photographer to a certain degree.  I could match their tonality, contrast, etc. using the Image Styles tab directly, instead of having to do all of this through some custom environment and constantly tweaking materials.


Render with "Include Alpha (Transparency)" and then comp the final render and the unedited backplate in post. 



Of course we know we can render the geometry separately and comp in post.
But to have the Image Style effect the backplate image makes matching exposure, contrast and bloom difficult.