Need advice to pick color Wood (Advanced)

Started by, June 21, 2022, 04:58:02 AM

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I try to replicate color of real wood.
First I google Ash Wood photo. Then I pick color from photo But it look not good.
Need advice to pick color.

Attached real ash wood photo

Are there any suggest to control these colors:


Anindo Ghosh

Please see if this comes reasonably close to what you need. KSP is attached, you can find the colors there - and tweak them to your satisfaction.

Possible issues you may have faced:
1. Eyedropper color picking is imprecise when the source (your reference photo) has many colors close to each other.
2. If the reference you are color-picking from is open in a separate application, potentially in a different color space, what gets picked up is not what you saw. I added your reference as a frontplate to the KeyShot render and color-picked in-app.
3. Even with a good color pick, some manual tweaking is needed to get the perceived patterns to look similar to reference.
4. Organic and noise-based textures are difficult to achieve a perceptual match with.
5. Lighting. Of your render, as opposed to your reference.


Thank @Anindo Ghosh
I think import reference image into Keyshot is the most important step. As you said It help to pick precise color.