3D scanning objects? Can anyone recommend suppliers in EU?

Started by smalldogstudio, July 21, 2022, 04:36:06 AM

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Hey everyone

I've recently done some work for a consultancy, working on product merchandising/layout. I had some low poly models with textures from some previous work that were great to work with. Does anyone have experience of commissioning 3D scanning of objects - capturing UV mapped textures - for such a purpose?

The objects are about the size of a medium size laser printer - I would need 5 sides scanning with textures, mainly just colour + bump. Previous objects were 5k polys - I converted 3DS to FBX. Textures were 2K jpegs. There are 25 objects in total. It would be necessary to do the scanning onsite at the retail store, due to the logistic challenge/cost of shipping products around. They are heavy so can't be suspended on wire or anything

Trying to determine if its faster/cheaper to scan them or recreate them by eye!

any ideas gratefully received! thanks