Get rid of bottom on displaced plane

Started by Gedred, July 27, 2022, 03:17:38 AM

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Hi, Im displacing a city structure from a plane. I want to get rid of the floor so I can show objs underneath the buildings. I've tried creating a opacity map from the displace texture at the same positions, but it causes the displaced geometry to hide also in some areas. Is there another way of doing this?



you could create a thin box to encompass the floor and use the cutaway material on that box, that will make whatever is inside that box disappear. you just have to make sure to exclude every other object in the scene that would intersect with it.

I wish they would give an option to change that to just choose the objects you want to INCLUDE, not just to automatically include everything in the scene.


I would place a pure black image with planar mapping and a low depth value at the bottom plane and connect this with opacity. A smart setup with a gradient would do the same.