Export painted maps in Keyshot 11?

Started by Livingstone, August 05, 2022, 01:45:29 AM

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Hi Guys ,
there's any smooth way to export the model and the maps painted in Keyshot so to import in other software or game engines?
I am thinking mainly to paint the model in Keyshot then export in OBJ with maps and import in Max for rigging and animation in order to avoid the UV mapping process that is boring and tedious and skip directly to the painting since Keyshot no need an unwrapped UV .
Any idea?
I found a way but it's tricky and there are some imperfections in the maps .
It should be amazing if the connection plugin 3dsmax-Keyshot could send back in 3dsmax the material or even the render to texture !



How about a GLB or glTF file, directly baked out of KeyShot?