KeyVR 11.1 Now Available

Started by Jan Simon, August 10, 2022, 05:45:13 AM

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Jan Simon

That is extremely puzzling. Can you confirm that KeyVR 11.0 (so the version before the latest) does indeed recognize your controllers just fine, with everything else unchanged?

Mario Stockinger

Works  without issues. In KeyVR 11 i have the "old" controller model but i can fly, teleport , turn around etc. No difference to the "original" mixed VR Controllers.

I uninstalled SteamVR before. For the test i reinstalled SteamVR and KeyVR11. All Settings where total default. In the Steam VR Loading screen i saw the Reverb Controllers, after KeyVR was done the view faded to keyvr and i saw the VR scene with the old controller model.

I have attached 2 Screenshots.

Mario Stockinger

I sent you the requested Log as PM.