Tips for Downloading 3D Models for Keyshot

Started by melik.ayhan, August 13, 2022, 01:08:16 AM

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Hello guys. Keyshot and Rhinoceros are my main softwares. I study industrial design and also interior design. I love rendering both products and interiors. I use for 3D models. But what I wonder is; I choose a model to download and on the platform information, which is on the left side, it says " Platform: 3DMax + OBJ" and "Render: Vray". Are those models just for Vray? Why it is not Keyshot? And what is the proper way to use those models in Rhino, as MESH or Nurbs? Because Rhino files size gets bigger and bigger.


What that info is telling you is that the model you are looking at was modeled in 3DS Max and the images of it they are displaying were rendered in Vray. If you use those tools you'll likely get the exact results you see in the examples they are showing. That info also tells you that the model is available in native 3DS Max format but also as an OBJ (and also FBX if you look towards the bottom). You can easily import all those formats into KeyShot. Once you have, you can add KeyShot materials to the model and very likely make it look just like the examples shown. Maybe even better. If it has been UV mapped and comes with textures, you can easily add those in KS also. I don't know much about Rhino but while OBJ and FBX have some support for nurbs (as far as I know) models on those sites are usually meshes. While you can model with nurbs in 3DS I'm not sure if the file retains them for import (if they were even used to make this model) or if Rhino can import a 3DS file.


3DS Max is still something of a standard in the arch-viz industry, so it's not really surprising to that format dominate on sites for interior assets. Unless you download your models from GrabCAD, you can assume they will be polygonal meshes. Like TGS808 said, just download the OBJ/FBX format files and textures, and re-apply the textures within Keyshot.
It's up to you whether you import the meshes into Rhino, or import your interior in Keyshot and add the furniture there. Rhino is pretty good when it comes to dealing with UV mapped meshes, so that won't really be a barrier. You'll end up with big files either way, whether that's in Rhino or in Keyshot. Personally speaking, I'd keep my Rhino files nice and small and add furniture and such in Keyshot. That way you don't have a huge Rhino file AND a huge Keyshot file.