Crashing when importing

Started by mattjgerard, August 24, 2022, 09:56:44 AM

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Sometimes when dragging models from the Models panel into the live viewer, it will act like its importing, but then crash and disappear without warning or error. It is sort of random, it doesn't do it on every file, but once it does it, It will do it consistently. I think it happens most on older KS files that were not made in the current version. It happens no matter if its my own custom models that I have saved into the library, or if its one of the included models or just plain geometry shapes. It also can happen when importing geometry from files not using the model library. Doesn't matter what type of file. There is no crash warning or reporting notification.

Anyone else get this? Its been like this for the most part of KS11 from what I can recall. It would do it rarely before, but seems to be happening more often lately. almost all files are CAD imports or KS files that I'm importing into other projects. Sometimes I can get it to behave by starting a fresh KS project and importing my current project into it, then the object I wanted to and saving as a brand new file.


I've not seen this so, just a guess here. Instead of dragging the model from the panel and into the real time view, try double clicking the model and see if it makes a difference.


Mine's more random while texturing models, but yes, a huge increase in the crashed that happen with no warning, no crash log, no recovery or crash report generated. Not model specific and not even action specific, but def. specific to KS11.
Sometimes it'll happen when dragging a material onto a part, sometimes if changing the model hierarchy, sometimes if selecting an item with selection outlines on, sometimes with selecting a model set, sometimes with rotating the view or moving a part. It's pretty random, but always ends with a hang, and then it just closes the program and it's as if you never opened it in the first place.

I reported to the support site and sent a file, but of course they couldn't duplicate, so that basically means they close the ticket and nothing comes of it. It's especially hard because it doesn't generate a crash report, so there's nothing that can be submitted so say what went wrong.