KeyShot 10.2 - Using Surface Backside Mask With Displace?

Started by jayjay76, August 12, 2022, 01:03:19 PM

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Hi, I posted about this issue back in KS8 and I'm once again having the issue of backside masking only this time I'm working with the displace node and cannot apply the SBM. I'm embossing text on the exterior of a glass vessel and regardless of the 2-sided option in the texture map, the embossing is showing up on the interior surface as well.

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Reporting back with an easy workaround - splitting the vessel at the top rim into inner and outer shells worked well; previous KS experience tells me that the solid glass shader would be confused by open geometry but surprisingly it correctly interpreted the two shells, each with its own solid glass material, as forming a thin walled solid and rendered correctly.