Everything too large? Requires Small Decimal Place Adjustments

Started by cmurray, October 05, 2022, 11:28:55 AM

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I've had an odd issue with Keyshot ever since I installed it, and I can work around it, but it's finally annoyed me enough to hunt for a real solution. For whatever reason any adjustment I make to texture scale, part movement, or lighting has to be by a tiny tiny decimal amount. To better explain, if I want to move a part, I have to move it by 0.0001 or else it rockets out of the environment because the scale is so huge. Similarly, if I create an area/point light, I have to set the wattage to .000001 or something otherwise it's blindingly bright. And like the other examples, any texture/bump map I use has to be scaled to .0001 or similar or it looks like there are mountains covering the part.

This has been true on every model I've ever imported for years, regardless of whether it's set to mm or inches, etc. I typically use Solidworks to model, but have imported parasolids, STEPs, IGES, etc. all with the same result. Is there some crazy setting I messed up somewhere along the way or what? It's just frustrating deciding whether a brushed texture should be scaled to .000001 or .000002 to look right...

I'm running Keyshot 6.3 Pro (yeah, I know I'm behind), but it was a genuine license purchased direct from Luxion and I upgraded it once with no change to behavior.

Will Gibbons

I'm guessing someone will chime in with a more concrete answer, but to me this sounds like a bug. And if you haven't updated the software in nearly 7 years, that'd be the first thing to try. I've not had issues with scale personally with my models, so I think it sounds like an old bug to me.


I agree that seems likely, but I have also switched computers twice since beginning to use Keyshot (3 total computers). Seems like it would be difficult for a bug to impact multiple computers, unless it was a known issue with Keyshot 6, given that I'm downloading install files from Luxion each time and freshly installing.

I was curious if anyone else had experienced similar issues as I can't seem to find any posts about it. The program still works for me, I just have to type a bunch of extra 0's in front of everything...

Niko Planke

Hey cmurray,

I am afraid that with you being on KeyShot 6.3 there is indeed not a lot we can do to resolve the bug fo you.
There have been a lot of changes related  to the sceneunit, geometryscaling and Texture scaling since that version.

In KeyShot 6 we added the Scene size information.
So if you in the Scenes tab of the Project window select the top group, and check the Part Properties, you should be able to see its extends.Make sure those values match your expectations. An incorrect scene scale could explain your issues.

But keep in mind that KeyShot 6 still uses the old Texture mapping so there might simply be technical limitations.
Starting from KeyShot 7, a new texture mapping is used, which is more Unit aware and might resolve this issue.

So there is a good chance a Newer version of KeyShot resolves your issues.