Simplification of very large models

Started by Ivan NX, October 10, 2022, 10:34:40 PM

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Ivan NX

Hi, Ivan here,
First time posting.
I work on huge model (industrial size) and I have problem with moving camera, jumpy and hard to be precise, or selecting items for rotation, large number of parts in model etc.
I am importing model from Siemens NX using NX addon.
Question is how exactly NX addon works, can I import just particular, needed, items in to Keyshot, make animation and then update model to full with NX addon before rendering? Is there a way to simplify model for creating animation and to change it to full for rendering?
Maybe simplified model set in Keyshot for animation setup then default one for rendering, will that work (how to make it work)?

Thank you!

Ivan NX

One more questions, should update model from NX through NX addon update positions of parts or what update actually does?