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Started by didotadv, September 16, 2022, 07:43:35 AM

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hello everyone i am a beginner and i have a problem on a label application on a surface i attach a picture, basically when i insert the label on the first surface automatically it brings it back also on other surface i can't figure out where is the mistake.
can you help me

thank you all very much



you have a couple of options.
1- Use separate materials for the two objects, one with the label and one without, you can do this by unlinking the material and remove the label from one.
2- Make sure you are using planar projection, and set the depth to something other than 0. can be very small unit, but this will limit the label to objects within that distance. Also make sure "Two Sided" is deselected


thank you thank you thank you
you were kind and timely