UV Unwrap Keyshot v9.3.14

Started by Mads Hall, October 16, 2022, 06:09:40 AM

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Mads Hall


I'm having issues when trying to UV unwrap my model.
For the straight parts there are no issues, but when the model bends, it's like the UV does not really know what to do.

Please refer to the pictures below.
the model is made in Fusion 360.

Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong here?

Anindo Ghosh

Just as an experiment, could you try defining the first seam at the outer side of the curved edge, rather than the inner side?

Mads Hall

Hi Anindo,

I don't use the seam option, but the green line i believe you refer to is the directions guide.
This photo is with the direction guide on the outer edge.


I would try to retesselate the part before UV unwrap

Mads Hall

I tried that a few times with different imputs without any luck. I guess I just have to keep trying different approaches.


Hi Mads,

Sometimes CAD needs to be built with the UVs in mind.  I wish there was an easy solution because most CAD is built differently and you may not have built it nor have the ability to adjust the CAD. 

In the screenshot note the surface that was built with an extrude appears best.