Realistic skin material

Started by luis.alcala86, September 27, 2022, 11:01:03 PM

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Hey Will,
Its always a treat when we post and we have a reply from you. I will give all of those suggestions a go and see what comes out of it. Currently battling Covid, this thing sucks, so I will be offline for a bit. I will post my findings after I recover a bit.

PS: maybe a future tutorial for your YouTube channel jajaja. Not sure how many times I have watched the videos on your channel.


SO, I took the last suggestion Will gave out and gave the render one more go on both materials. I desaturated the SSS color by about 70% and backed of the translucency value by about 30%. Here is the end result with a translucent and a translucent medium render.

Will Gibbons


To my eyes (again, take with grain of salt), the 2nd one Translucent Medium produces better results. I think the face looks pretty good there. The skin below the neck looks to be lacking though. Maybe it's got something to do with the detail in the skin on the face vs lower? I think the translucent one looks far too soft.

Again, splitting hairs here, and not sure what else I'd do to improve it, but I'd say that bottom one is quite nice.



Well you are the master of disaster jajaja. I agree with you brotha. I do like the medium translucent a bit more.  The body, i believe, will be ok as I will be simulating garments from CLO on it. Love the help I have received here. I will push forward and see what else I can achieve in Keyshot. Thank you again for the assistance.