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Started by Caitcuta, January 20, 2012, 12:58:33 PM

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Hi guys. I came across this website and just have a few questions before spending my money.


1. Can these files be used in keyshot? (the latest version)

2. Would it be possible to place logos etc. on the side of this vehicle?

3. Will there be any way of opening this file in solidworks to modify?

4. If the above isn't possible could I open up the model and then add a solidworks part to it?

Thanks for your help.


@1. Yes - use the obj format.
@2. Yes
@3. If SW can import .max or .obj via a third party plugin
@4. See 3.

Hope this helps.


I'd just add an important point about getting that data into SolidWorks.

For a lot of internet sourced models do not assume that they have been modelled in a way that allows them to be imported into SolidWorks. Currently the only way to directly get from a  polygonal modelling system to SolidWorks is to use a plug in called tsElements from T Splines. T Splines were bought by Autodesk just before Christmas so the jury is out as to how long this route is open.

If you are a 3D Studio Max user there are options (using very expensive plug ins) to export to IGES, and then into SolidWorks.

In any case, looking at the wires of that model I's say it was unlikely that tsElements could handle the entire model. The bodywork perhaps, but not all the tyres, grille detailing etc.

Perhaps a better option would be to go from SolidWorks to a polygonal modelling package? Take a look at Modo - import the SolidWorks files into that and assemble it there. It also makes editing the Turbosquid model relatively simple. Once done, export out as an OBJ and back into Keyshot.


I downloaded the trial Modo 501 yesterday, and have been playing all day with it, hoping it might work well to suppliment SolidWorks.  Not.  Yikes, I'm too old for this! 

Anyway, I can import SW parts and assemblies, but the only successful export from Modo seems to be .fbx.  The .obj, Collada and Rhino formats all fail.  Or at least they will not import into KS2 or KS3.  Note that KS3 does not support Collada, but I expect that will change.  I've been told by some in the CG world that Collada is becomming the prefered format, and even Modo recommends it as the best export format.

Now back to trying to figure out where to start with Modo!

Bill G


Thanks for the help guys. Annoyingly it sounds like it will be a bit too expensive/a lot of hassle for us to use those models for what we want, grrr!