KS3 crashed when importing KS2 bips or packed files

Started by Berzerkdesign, February 09, 2012, 12:36:34 PM

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Hello all,

I am totally new to this forum, so first of all I am glad to own KS3 now.

But I am suffering some Problems. I was using the demo of KS2 a few months ago. There I created some scenes which I saved as BIP and KPS. Some of them can be opened in KS3, while some of them cause a crash of KS3.

Is there any important thing I have to look for while opening KS2 files in KS3?

Thanks in advance!


We did fix an issue in KeyShot 3.1 where a KeyShot 2 file was using the general material. We will release KeyShot 3.1 soon. If this is not the issue then please share the file with support and we will take a look at it.


Thank you!

Indeed this seems to be the reason, both models which caused the crash have general material for tga texture with alpha channel.

I tried a model without general and that worked.
Some crashes still occured while changing materials, but thats minor. I will keep an eye on that

So now I am waiting for the patch :-)


I tried to remove the General material from the parts where it was used, then I packed the KPS again, but the import in KS3 does fail again.

Do I do something wrong?

Or is just not that simple to avoid that problem until you fixed it in the new version?

EDIT: Problem solved! I forgot one part which still had general material. Imported now perfekt without issues. Waiting now for 3.1 :)

Thread can be closed. Thanks for your help