Wrapping brush metal around corners?

Started by Xidor, February 25, 2012, 11:28:51 AM

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Hi Guys,

im doing a project where I need to have a brushed metal finish that will wrap around a corner of a chamfered surface. I also am wrapping it around the sides. The image below shows what I'm trying to achieve.

What I did was break up each surface in SolidWorks so each surface can have a different material applied. I used the standard Aluminum material that is brushed in Keyshot 3. I used box map on the top. But on the chamfer surface I used Planer Map. X or Y worked. Same with the side walls. This looks okay. But the right side and right chamfer, the texture map is extruding along the surface. But I want to "wrap" it around the corners. So it looks like the brush finish does on the left side and is a continuous brush.

I suspect the only real way to achieve a wrapped brushed look to follow the surface as it goes around the corner is to create that texture map and bump map art? I thought if I "pre-painted" the wrapping effect in SolidWorks first using the materials there, it might work, but it didn't.

Just curious to hear from anyone if there's another way. Thanks!