Problem - SolidWorks 2012 with KS3 Plugin

Started by cubicart, February 26, 2012, 08:21:27 AM

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I'm experiencing a SW 2012 crash when trying to dump assembly models into KS3 with the plugin.

There only seems to be a problem with assemblies ... parts to KS3 work ok with the SW2012 plugin.

Have to create STEP model of the assembly as a work around for import to KS3.

I have SW 2011 & 2012 installed on the same machine. Not sure if this is contributing to the problem.


No idea why SW would crash. You can always import the SW file directly into KeyShot - no need to create a STEP file.

Can you share the assembly with our support staff?


Hi Thomas,

When I try to import the SW model directly (without the plugin), some of my weldment geometry (multibody parts) is missing. The only way I've been able to prevent this since the introduction of KS3 is to use the SW plugin. I have posted about this in the past.

Back to my immediate problem, after drilling deeper into the issue I have isolated 1 specific sub-assembly that is causing the crash. If I suppress the subassembly, the top level asm exports to KS3 via the plugin. With the sub-asm resolved, SW2012 crashes when I use the plugin. Strange, since I am able to successfully export each part within the sub-asm.

I can send this sub-asm model, and an example of the weldment issue mentioned above. Please confirm the email address I should use.