Creating Decals with Line art and small fonts: Unwanted Ghosting

Started by jjeconomaki, March 12, 2012, 02:58:23 PM

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I am having difficulty with "ghosting" around fonts and line art in a decal I am trying to make.

This used to work if I remember correctly;

1) open decal art in Photoshop which consists of nothing but black type and black lines and a white background.
2) Duplicate Layer, turn off other layer
3) select white background and delete--leaving black type and lines on transparent background
4) invert selection and paint black
5) save invert selection (which selects small type and line art) as New Channel (creates alpha channel).
6) Save as .tif

I can bring this into Keyshot but the type is not really black and it is outlined with gray. 

Clearly I am doing something wrong and would be most grateful for directions as how to halt my errant ways.

Lastly, there is nothing in the manual about "Creating" decals that I could find.