Author Topic: Strage error report - problem with visible faces - possible workaround  (Read 6049 times)

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Offline efbiaye

Recently I noticed strange artifacts on my renders.

Mainly it appeared as if the faces were visible.
I import my models from SolidWorks, so first thing I did was to increase tesselation, but that did not help.

To my biggest surprise, I had the same object scene which was perfect and imported from the same file.

Please see the attached images.

The first one shows what the error looks like.
The 2nd one shows the object as it should be.

This is the same scene, the same material, the same HDRI map.
The error is visible both in real time and in the final render.

The only difference between the two shots is (!) the scale of the object.

The good render has the object scale set to 1.
The error becomes apparant when the object is being scaled down. The more it's scaled the more apparent it becomes. The render with errors has a scale of 0.03.

Well, this clearly qualifies as an error to be corrected in future releases. Thankfully the workaround is simple - do not scale down anything when importing.

Hopefully, the dev team can address it in the next version!
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Question - why would you need to scale it to 3 percent of its original size?

Offline efbiaye

Occasionally I render simple scenes and import various object inside them - sometimes those elements are prepared without any scale in various pieces of software.  That's why I need to rescale some of those objects to match the scene scale.

The object I chose to illustrate the problem, was just given as example, because I think it's clearly visible.

This problem usually occurs on various filleted or round edges.

Offline Ralf-S

efbiaye ,

What Environment do you use?

Offline efbiaye

Standard one that comes with KS.
In the scene I presented it's HDRLightStudio_car_studio_bright.hdz