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Started by bobzy20, May 17, 2012, 10:51:20 AM

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Hi everybody, I’m new to KeyShot so I need to ask a quick question.

When I import a 3d model into KeyShot from AutoCAD under the scene tab I get about 50 ‘BY LAYER’ layers which takes way too long to work out what’s what.

Is there any way you can import a model and KeyShot keeps the same layer names which you had in AutoCAD or is there a way to make this process any easier?




Can you share an example?


Here we go.


Can you share the actual file?


I can but that model is sensitive data so I will find another model as whatever I import creates the same problem.


I just imported the model I was going to send you and all the original AutoCAD layers appeared under scene!

Strange why it doesn’t do it with the TV model.

Anyway please find attached part of the TV model. This has 2 layers in AutoCAD but seems to have 12 BY LAYERS in KeyShot only.


Ok - thanks. We will take a look.


Ok I figured out something which causes the problem. I always save down all my drawings to the R14/LT98/LT97 option in AutoCAD 2012. If I save my drawings in AutoCAD 2010 format and then import, I get all the layer names under the scene tab.

Do different programs list their layers in different ways in KeyShot?