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Started by dalejsmith, May 19, 2012, 01:56:30 PM

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Why can you not import a fully prepared bip fil into another bip file? Well you can, BUT!!!!!! position , scale, orientation does not carryover top the new bip. So it is impossible  to create an archive/library of good bips to be used at a later date. OR it is impossible to do a collaborative effort by team members to then compile the master file. This has been an issue since I started using KS which was about 9 months ago.

For example, we had taken the time to assemble a cityscape for a vehicle to drive through. importing a completed bip of the vehicle and it came apart. The only way that it wont come apart is if the model is imported into KS all at once. If you import separate parts into KS then BOOM. Well that is what we have been experiencing. 



I am not sure what you mean by "importing a completed tip [...] and it all came apart". I also don't understand what you mean by "if you import separate parts into KS then BOOM".

What happens? Are cityscape and vehicle modeled in different applications? You can always adjust the scale. of the individual parts to match. We have greatly improved this in KeyShot 3.2.


We have addressed this issue in the upcoming 3.2 release. You can import bips in their original size.

-- Henrik


YAY, that will help alot


I've updated KeyShot to the latest version 3.2, but I also still have this issue.

When importing another model into the current scene, the scale is way off... and when I rescale the model, the texture scale in the material goes all wrong.

Any tips on how to solve this?


Are you importing the bip file into a bip file generated with an older version of KeyShot?


From what I can gather from reading... this is fixed from this point forward with completely new scene created in 3.2, but doesn't mean that old scenes used in 3.2 will scale correctly?