moving objects causes crash

Started by dalejsmith, May 20, 2012, 12:16:17 PM

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So, here i am trying to put things in the right place and KS crashes, So I learn that if I make only a couple of adjustments and do a save, at least when it crashes I will have saved some of my work. I had to down grade back to version 3.1.48 from 3.2.22 because I couldn't even make a single adjustment before it would crash. Granite, I am working with a 1gb file plus. but that should not matter.

Is there any specific setting in Windows XP  that would help this? as it seems to be related to memory and cache (only my guess).

btw, I am using a 12 core system with 12gb of ram and a reboot after about every 3 saves is required because KS functions stop working if I don't reboot.