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Right, well my last effort, whilst enjoyable to do, clearly doesn't cut it amongst all the fantastic renders on show here.

I hadn't appreciated the complexity of the model, nor the power of Keyshot's Scene tab that gives me access to all of those model parts.
My material selection was not considered enough and
I'd clearly got distracted by experimenting with the post treatment.

However, all of this though, has given me a better understanding and appreciation of both Keyshot's inherent power and yes, the possibilities of post refinements with other packages like Photoshop. I'm not saying that the render here is good, but I think its certainly a step on from where I was. I hope you may agree.

So, this is the Keyshot watch model represented with absolutely no post production at all - no backplate - no sharpening, no nothing - just straight off the Keyshot page.
I'm still going to do a version with some post  ;), but for now I thought you would like to see it "it the nude".


Willydog - sometimes known as Kevin.

Please compare with my last "added sparkle" effort

 8) Added another similar view and treatment but this time in titanium!
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Re: Rendering Contest - Keyshot Watch with absolutely nothing added
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That's a great one Willydog.  When you need no outside enhancement, you know you've mastered the program.