Color separation not recognized

Started by m2tts, May 24, 2012, 12:46:27 PM

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I'm in 3.2 and importing an assembly with the old importers. one part I have that has a split face that is assigned another color is not coming in with the correct colors so that keyshot thinks it is one material. The new importers will respect the face assigned color, but not body assigned colors. It also ignores the hidden state of parts and imports the entire assembly instead of just the part I have showing in SW.


Also, the new importers ignored a whole section of geometry in one of the parts on import; basically filling in a recess in the part that had holes in it.


We know about the issues in the new importer. As far as the old importer goes we will take a look.


I'm having the same problem.  I have fully detailed the SW2012 model to break out all the colors and materials, and it looks pretty decent WITHIN solidworks.  Then when I load it into Keyshot 2, it just comes in as one gigantic color.   WTF.  This blows, it makes Keyshot basically useless.   I can't render anything if the headlights and taillights and grills and everythign are all one color!


You can always unlink the individual parts by right clicking on them.