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Hip to be Square
« on: May 26, 2012, 02:46:08 pm »
This was the first watch I did at Fossil.  It's modeled in Pro-E with a lot of the dial detail done in Rhino.  The images are all straight out of Keyshot - no post work.

I decided to render it as white ceramic (sorry real one was stainless steal) because white can be a challenging color to get right and I'm just a huge fan of how light moves through ceramic.  Initially I was planning to do this with a translucent shader but actually ended up getting better results with a simple plastic version and a few light planes. 

Using the 3d text was an attempt to help create and campaign feeling.  Also I was wanting to tie a few images together by using a common theme and the phrase seemed to support that need pretty nicely.  I also liked using the 3d text because doing  that in photography would be a touch tricky (rigging it to float in space) and adding it in post would require some extra effort to get the text to interact with the lighting and lens effects- so it highlights keyshot's ability to create images that are also communicative.

Re: Hip to be Square
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very nice!
love the 2nd image

your right, i've also experimented with 3D text in keyshot, you can get some very pleasing results!

good work all round!

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Re: Hip to be Square
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Nice !

Try to do the second one in real life with a camera ................. ref. the reflection of the campaign text on the watch ... it'll take you hours to do that in post, or you'd need to hang text with fish wires :p  Who on earth would think of doing that ;)

I like the last one best though .. the second shows less of the watch.