KS3.2.32 Problem- Labels turned off, materials "black"

Started by Imz, June 01, 2012, 02:46:03 PM

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Hi Guys,

I'm having trouble opening past projects- I could really use some wisdom.

When I open any of my projects (which have been working fine) all decals/labels are off, label positions in some cases are lost, and many of the materials are either solid black, or solid white... If I re-assign a correct material, of course I loose all my decals.

Is there a fix? Or a way to uninstall the update and revert to the last version of KS3?

Below is a snapshot of what I'm seeing; not quite what I intended...

Chad Holton

Hi Imz,

Strange.. Have you moved any folders around lately that would contain these labels?

If not, I sent you the 3.1 links. Try it out and let us know if it makes any difference.