Ocean Water Material

Started by yakas, May 28, 2010, 12:59:47 PM

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Is there an ocean water material that would give the feeling of about an acre of open water? Can it be made>


Please take a look I hope there's something for you...
( You can use this textures private or commercial with KeyShot, but not resell.)



Thanks for posting - the only issue that I see with the water materials is that they are photographed at an angle, rather than straight from the top.


You are right Thomas, but that's what I can post/publish.

With Genetica the light could be changed...


Thanks for that, But I am unsure how those images work. How would I use these?

Would there be a visible repeating pattern?


I'll try these out.  But what is really needed is a great tile-able bumpmap for the water material to make pools/water surfaces.