Black Holes in Render

Started by mauracc, June 06, 2010, 10:29:12 PM

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Hi All,
I'm getting these black voids in my render and I'm not certain why.  It's a STEP file that appears fine when I render from closer up.  The scene has about 40 of these phone models in it and I want them all to appear together, so I have to zoom out a bit (also hence why the attachment is so tiny).

Does anyone know what these black things are called and which settings I might change?

Samples - 200
Ray bounces - 50
Anti-Aliasing - 7
Shadow Quality - 2.5
Global Illumination - 1
Pixel filter - 1
High Quality Texture Filtering - off

I have an awesome workstation (2 Intel Xeon CPU's) and so far I've tried increasing the samples (I started at about 25), ray bounces (started at 9) and anti-aliasing (started at 1). 

Otherwise, it looks like I have a bit of photoshop ahead of me!!

Thanks a lot,



It looks like a bug. If you can share your model with then we will take a look at it.
Just looking at your settings there are a few adjustments you can make:

Samples - 200      - I recommend 64 for very high quality, 200 seems like overkill
Ray bounces - 50  - unless you are rendering diamonds or complex glass you should not need more than 5-8
Anti-Aliasing - 7    - 1-2 should be enough for most purposes, 7 is for scenes with insanely small geometric detail
Shadow Quality - 2.5 - ok
Global Illumination - 1 - you can increase this one slightly (to 2 for example)
Pixel filter - 1         - I recommend 1.5 for a slightly softer pixel appearance, or at least 1.2
High Quality Texture Filtering - off  - ok

-- Henrik


How did you import this? One by one? What modeling software  you using?



Thank you for the responses--

I imported the models one-by-one (with keyshot open and clicking 'import model')--the files are .STP created in Rhino (I've printed them on a 3-D printer, so I don't think the CAD files have errors). 

The keyshot file is 1.4 GB

I adjusted the render settings--thanks--and it's faster, but still gives the black holes.  If nothing else works I'll send it to luxion in a few hours! Thanks again,


Import as native Rhino files, but increase the tessellation prior to doing so.