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Started by schneich, September 14, 2012, 06:57:30 AM

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Here is a recreation of the three glasses posted in the amazing shots section.
The Orange, Milk and Longdrink Content is rendered with translucency.
I found out that you can take translucency way over the butten edge, here i took it up to 50.
the content protrudes into the glass quite a bit, i found out that its not so important how much it protrudes,
it just gives you the "content right to the edge of the glass" effect. the glass is just dense white glass...

i just tried to work the technique & Materials out for me, the Result is the included Scene File, have fun!

Cheers from Cologne

Torsten Sch



Sorry, I couldn't contain myself  ;D!
I had to post this orange juice flavoured dragon...
It is backlit with a very bright point light.
Some post-work done in PS.