Do Labels Not Cast Shadows?

Started by br3ttman, September 17, 2012, 02:21:11 PM

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I'm doing a rendering for a product that has a clear lens with 1st surface pad print graphics. In reality that graphic would cast a shadow on underlaying surfaces, but I can't get a shadow in my rendering.  Do labels not cast shadows?



Doesn't appear that way. We will look into it.


I ran into this once, and handled it in Photoshop.  Copied the main image as a layer, then dropped out all but the label, then used a drop shadow on the label layer.  Not quite right, but the pad print was in close proximity to the under surface, so it sort of worked.

Would be neat if lables would cast a shadow.

I wonder if a separate surface (offset) for just the label, in an opaque material, would then cast a shadow?  The label would be on the offset surface that was created as geometry.  Give it a try, as will I when I get a chance.
Bill G



I like your idea of the offset surface.  I think if you do that and add an opacity map for the area around the label, it would then cast a shadow.  In that case, it'd be nice if labels could 'sync' with the other textures to ensure alignment.  Or you could use the label as the color map, but then you get just one.