Author Topic: Keyshot 2 scene vs. object vs. material selection  (Read 3805 times)

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Keyshot 2 scene vs. object vs. material selection
« on: June 13, 2010, 03:08:01 pm »
I've just begun experimenting with the new Keyshot 2 interface, so I may not have discovered everything... but:

When you open a Solidworks assembly file, objects in the scene tree are not arranged according to their part files, but rather according to their materials. So, opening an assembly file destroys any hierarchy you may have prepared, and also all names of the objects.

I have also not managed to figure out how to select and move individual materials (objects) around.

Next I will open an IGES file and see what happens there, as when I export from Alias Automotive I usually have no material settings, but I make sure that everything is grouped and named in the object browser.