Solid edge STEP imports TWICE

Started by Matachana, June 13, 2010, 10:18:13 PM

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We have some problems importing STEP files. The thig is that we are triying to import a STEP file that was generated with Solid Edge ST2. When keyshot finaly loads the file, we noticed that has been imported twice.

We have the same model twice, but one is rotated 90º against the other.

And another thing, on keyshot 1.9, the *.bip files are about 300 - 400 Mb, but with keyshot 2, the *.bip files are about 1 Gb!!!

Is that normal?


I am not sure why the STEP file is in there twice.

You can change the tessellating parameter in the preferences tab.


I think that there is some kind of problem with the step importer of keyshot 2.
I did some tests using a demo of hypershot and keyshot 2

in hypershot, the model importation works ok, only one model, and imports the colors from solid edge. Also, you can apply materials to a single solid edge part or diferent faces if you painted this faces in another color using solid edge.

The file *.bip generated have a size of 20 Mb (open and save, without changes)

In keyshot 2 the model importation in not working correctly. Imports 2 models in one scene, everything in in color gray, the colors from solid edge are not visible. Everything is linked together, so I have to unlink all the parts to apply diferent materials to each one.
The size of the *.bip file is about 44 Mb (open and save, without changes)

With a big part, 350 Mb in hypershot and about 1 Gb in keyshot 2....

I don't know what is happening.


If you can share a model that would be most helpful.


I changed the tessellation values and that didn't work

with 0, the importer doesn't work, the software gives an error importing, contact with luxion.

with 0,1 imports the model twice

at max. imports the model twice, but its slower importing it.


Quote from: Thomas Teger on June 14, 2010, 10:23:21 PM
If you can share a model that would be most helpful.

I am sending you a step model right now. Check your e-mail



hello to everyone. I am also a user of SolidEdge ST2 and I have the same problem Matachana. Keyshot 2, import the duplicate parts of an assembly.

This problem did not go with Keyshot 1.9, that translates correctly and allowed the importation of colored faces and allowed the application textures to this faces.

For SolidEdge´s users who don´t have the luck to have the plugin, this is a delay. By the time the plug-in solid edge? :-\


We are still looking into this. You can always revert back to the 1.9 STEP and IGES importers by going to Preferences, Importers, and unchecking "use new importers".

Plugin is in the works.



I noticed that the old importer will drop the coils. The good news is that we have a new update coming that has many improvements to the STEP importer. Your example looks great.

The "tessellation" slider in the preference controls the number of polygons. The higher the value, the more polygons you get, and that's why it will take a bit longer to import.



unchecking "use new importers" doesn't work.

gives an error message "The geometry could not be interpreted, please contact"

I will be using keyshot 1.9 till the new update is available


Hello, I installed the new update, the version 2.0.38 and I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is that keyshot is importing the step geometry twice, like in the old version of keyshot 2.

The good news is that keyshot imports the geometry faster, respects the colors from solid edge and the diferent parts are independent (no more unlink).

But the main problem still remains.... the double importation....


With hypershot and keyshot 1 the step opens ok, in keyshot 2 imports twice. Desactivating the new step importers in keyshot 2 doesen’t work, gives an error and imports nothing.


This is interesting because I performed tests with your file and I had no issues. No double parts whatsoever. I will take another look.


I have keyshot 2 installed on a workstation with windows 7 64 bits
Are you using windows 7? maybe that is the problem. (but keyshot 1.9 works ok on the same computer)



This double import will be solved on the new version?
I have the latest update os keyshot but I am having the same problems or even worst...

I think that now the step file imports up to 5 times, so the loading time opening an step file is BIG...
Maybe an importer for solid edge will solve all this.....

I'm the only one who is having this problem with solid edge and keyshot?