Why does KeyShot 3.3.33 scale SolidWorks CAD data upon import?

Started by Kinetic Vision, October 17, 2012, 02:09:20 PM

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Kinetic Vision

Why do my SolidWorks assemblies import with a KeyShot scale set to 0.0399?


This scale factor varies upon the size of the assembly. It is a factor that is applied in order to properly fit the assembly inside the KeyShot scene. We expose this so you can match the scale of different objects in case there is a mismatch.


so how do you match the scale of previously saved scenes? I import large part assemblies from Rhino, but if I try to add something a few days later, the scale of the newly imported parts is way off. Thanks


Look at the saved scale value of the original import, and then enter the same scale value for the newly imported part. Also make sure that "From Previous" in the Coordinates section is checked upon import.


Yeah I've wondered about this ... what does "from previous" actualy do ?  Cuz if you work on something else in between, does the "from previous" still work ?


Yes it does. "From Previous" means it is taking the size and scale of the previously imported model in the scene into consideration.


Ah, so it's linked to a value baked in the opened bip after its first import.  Now I get it :)


If you leave Keyshot, and restart Keyshot, there will be a scaling problem to import.

this problem on work sessions in Keyshot has already been mentioned in a topic.

I hope this problem will be solved in V.4


There shouldn't be. I tested this extensively yesterday. Please provide an example where you see it failing.