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my wishlist
« on: October 22, 2012, 01:12:54 am »
- a connection between the file coordinates/units and the keyshot units (1 cm = 1 Keyshot Unit)
- a coordinate system with world coordinates and changeable units (m, cm, mm, inch, feet)so you can see where your objects are imported especially if you have to import from different files
- objects should keep their world coordinates for better transforming after they are imported

- selecting objects and make own groups
- changing the order of groups in the project list
- sorting the object list by name or material
- don't delete not used material directly so you can keep variations and delete them maybe with a button or menu command

- support for hdrlightstudio LightPaint feature

- option for remote deactivating a license - if you work from your home office and forgot to deactivate you license at work