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Started by 2TREE, November 12, 2012, 09:21:04 AM

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The plugin works today. It puts a button into SolidWorks, allowing you to transfer your data from SolidWorks directly into KeyShot.


Thank you so much Thomas! It works perfectly!  :D


Still having the same problem importing some SW13 files into Keyshot 3.3. Hopefully KS4 is out soon and will rectify.


Can you share this model and I will take a look? Send to me, please:

I will need the entire assembly with all the parts.

Thanks, Thomas


Thanks for sending. Looks good in KeyShot 4. In the meantime, you may want to try the plugin to get the assembly directly from SW in to KeyShot.


Hi Everyone,

I apologize if this question has already been answered somewhat but I'm having the same issues as the original poster, however, I'm currently using the latest version of keyshot 4 in conjunction with solidworks 2013. Importing with tesselation is not an option for many of my projects because, for some reason, tessellation in keyshot 4 will add unwanted surfaces and distort surface geometry on surfaces with continuous curvature.

My only current work around is to use the plugin for solidworks, however it's not ideal for workflow since it creates a separate file which I then need to import into my scene again and reassign all materials.

I've included some screen shots of what I'm experiencing.


Don't understand what you mean by "separate file". The plugin doesn't create a separate file that needs to be imported or managed.


It creates a new .bip file on export, doesn't it?


Only if you select "export". If you select "render" then it will transfer the geometry in session directly into KeyShot by opening the application upon transfer.


Thanks for the clarification but my core issue still stands. Is there any foreseeable fix for the "does not contain 3d geometry" error? This has been an ongoing issue for the better part of a year now and creates a small but quite disruptive kink in my (and I imagine others') work flow.