Wheel of Fortune

Started by raygunstudio, December 04, 2012, 07:57:56 PM

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I wish there would be more than 360 frames to a turntable... spin this one and it's like Wheel of Fortune. Does it land on the front or the back? I can see we'll be using this to decide who pays for the first round of beer ;-)




My browser here at work doesn't allow HTML5, so I can't check the VR.  Shame !


Cool thing about these KeyShot VRs is that they even work on iPhone and iPad unlike Apple's own QT-VR, Apple's QuickTime VR technology that as far as I remember was the invention of VR objects in the 90s.

Jeff Hayden

As with everything you do, this looks great. Keep it up Michael.


Old but good ;-) I remember this from - uhm - 2008?


Yes, I think it's from when KeyShot was still a twinkle in your eye and the world was running at bunk speed.... hehehe.... wish I could use all 720 frames of this rotation. The VR plug-in seems to top out at 360... is that correct?


What you could do is render out a turntable, keep the frames, and rename them to 0_xxx. Then take an existing VR, and replace the images in the folder. Adjust the image size in the html file and you should be golden. E-mail me if you need more help.