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layered bumps

Started by jp_li, November 15, 2012, 06:49:43 PM

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is it possible to layer bump maps?  I have 1 i'd like to use to get general grain and noise, and another that I'd like to use that would have a graphic bump into the surface


You can't do this at the moment.


Combine the bump maps in Photoshop...


I hope to get this in KS4.1  ;)

It's handy for all sorts of things and merging bitmaps is an option, but after a while you've got a forest of bumpmaps all over the place.


Yeah, KS badly needs a material layering system - it's one of the things I love about Maxwell RenderW, really rich, complex shaders can be created...



We are trying to keep things simple. It is not a matter of whether it can be done technically, but how we can expose in the most simplistic way.

We will consider it for a later release of KeyShot.


I understand keeping things simple.  But just for the bumpmap, I would like this option.

For a short time KS user, it keeps things simple yes, but in the long run, ... how it is now doesn't keep my texture-folders simple  ;)