Step Import Fails

Started by ukindler, December 10, 2012, 12:16:16 AM

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if I try to import the following Step file, Keyshot crashes, telling me, that there is no geometry in this file:

Any idea what is wrong with this file? I exported it the same way as I always export from Autodesk Inventor.

Kind regards,

Uwe Kindler


Hi Uwe,

Looks like there are problems with some "Normparts".

It works well with:
Download CAD Exchanger:

Import your STEP file with CAD Exchanger -> Export your STEP file with CAD Exchanger .

After that you can import the new STEP file with KeyShot.


Hi Ralf,

thank you for this hint - never heard of CAD-Exchanger before. I will try it out now.

I just imported the Step into KeyShot 2 - it did not crash so Step import seems to be more robust in KeyShot 2. But in the KeyShot 2 import some parts are missing (i.e. the D-SUB9 connectors)

Thany you and kind regards,