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Started by Josh3D, January 08, 2013, 12:55:11 PM

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Greetings all submitters of fine KeyShotVR goodness! We were slightly delayed on announcing the winner of the KeyShotVR contest, but the new year is here and we have finally made a selection. You're probably already looking below, but first, we want to thank and congratulate everyone on the entries. We saw new ways in which KeyShotVR is being used. Very impressive indeed! Without further ado, here is the Grand prize and First prize winner of the KeyShotVR Contest!

Grand Prize Winner

Samuel Davies - KENWOOD
The Grand prize of KeyShot Pro + Animation + KeyShotVR goes to Samuel Davies for the KENWOOD Blender submission. Samuel took a very creative approach with this KeyShotVR, presenting a cutaway view of the product and adding the overlay and fade of the logo throughout the VR.

First Prize
Mike McGuire - Wingspan Roaster

First Prize of KeyShot + KeyShotVR goes to Mike McGuire of Wingspan Design for the Roaster configurator, that provides a custom splash screen and the various versions of the roaster visualized through the movement of the VR. A very cool application.

We have a Blog post up on the contest, with links to all the KeyShotVR's submitted. Share with others and once again, thank you everyone who participated in the contest!


Congratulations to the winners!
The Kenwood blender was my favourite entry by far.  ;)



What Dries said ... (all of it .. just put my name where his is.)  ;D

+ what I like so much about the blender is that, in the front view, you don't notice that the back is cut open, which saves a nice surprise for when you turn towards the back.  (I only remember that at first look (without knowing the back was cut open), the knife handle looked weird ... maybe put it more center in the scene such that the handle is less small.)



Cool !

Just back form vacation.
Thanks guys.



I promised Thomas I would do a tutorial on this colour selector.

You can download the VR files at this link:

Steps to produce this VR:

1.  Decide how many colours (5 colors used; this will be used to calculate the vertical frames)
2.  Decide on the turntable rotation frames (5 degrees gives 72 frames for 360-degress)

3.  Render Hemispherical VR with the correct Horizontal Frames (5 degrees gives 72 frames for 360-degress)
and 2x the vertical steps (5 colors x 2 steps each = 10 steps, or 9-degrees)

If you look in the VR directory, you will see that each vertical frame has a set of horizontal frames up to 72.
Each image is labelled with 2 numbers 0_1 up to 0_72, then 1_0 to 1_72, up to 9_0 to 9_72.
What we are going to do is make new horizontal frames for each color, then rename them to match the Hemisphere VR format,
and replace the vertical images with new color sets.

4.  Render each colour in Turntable mode with same settings as 2 (5 degrees gives 72 frames for 360-degress)
5.  You will now have 5 different turntable VR


great job!!

May I ask how to put vr images right center on web page?
Because my vr always show on left conner.