Apply Labels to Model Geometry

Started by mgrant, February 05, 2013, 10:01:13 AM

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I'm fairly certain that the answer to this is no.  Is there a way to apply a label to model instead of to the material? 

For instance I three variations of product that I need to do a bunch of renderings of, including 10 different colors.  To save the trouble of trying to Photoshop the labels in from another rendering or reapplying the labels for every material change (3 models * 2 labels each * 10 colors= too much).  Is it possible to change the material without affecting the label?


If you "edit" the material then the label will not be affected. Can you just do that? In KeyShot 4 you will be able to drop a color onto the material from the color library.


It's not just different colors but different paints.  I guess I could probably just change the colors and settings to match the master material and dump them into the queue but that's not going to be much of a savings in time.