K3 textures render different in K4

Started by janm, March 01, 2013, 06:13:17 AM

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I just had to do some changes in an project I made in K3 and I opened it in K4 an rendered it out. But the look of a wood material based on plastic settings is totally different, there is less gloss and it is darker. I already crosschecked the settings and they are similar. Yes I know in K4 there are more settings for plastic than we had in K3. But so I can't work at running projects with K4 - or did I something wrong?

I also have problems with texture maps in K4 - it looks like they are now in a different scale.


KS 4 has more settings for Plastic? How so? We haven't changed anything.

We need to see an example - can you share with [email protected]?


 - KS 4 has more settings for Plastic? How so? We haven't changed anything.

You have changed/extended the settings in the texture area, there are now two more option: contrast and brightness


i just separated the furniture and rendered one version K3 and one in K4. You can see the difference if you put the picture on two layers in Photoshop and switch between them.
The two renderings are attached: furniture-K3.jpg and furniture-K4.jpg
(look at the reflections on the left side)


the KS4 looks much nicer to me, especially regarding those reflections.


maybe the KS4 looks nicer, but I started a project for a customer last year with KS3 and so the material should be the same if I now work in KS4. And as Thomas said, they didn't changed anything with plastic material.

Bruno F

I set up a similar scene in KS3.  Rendered and saved my scene.  I then opened my bip in KS4 and rendered using the settings saved inside the bip (no modifications).  The results are shown in the attached images.  Compared in photoshop, I could not find any difference.