Plugin for Unigraphics NX ?

Started by Bjorkvald, March 07, 2013, 12:13:19 AM

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Hey Keyshot/ Keyshot users

We have a few CAD software but mainly use NX, however we have tried and been impressed by the new plugins for Rhino/SW etc.

How would we go about to get a similar workflow between NX (or JT/Parasolid et.) and Keyshot?

Our goal is to be able to keep the keyshot file as it is and update it with the updated geometry (this is a geometry with updated features, not new so ID-mumbers are kept if that makes a difference)

Best would of course be if you have a plugin out soon or could use us as test pilots for one..
I have tried (maybe haven't tried enough so let me know if I missed something obvious) importing updated geometry in the different ways possible with following results:

Add to Scene - adds to scene - not what we want, we want to keep everything as is and just update the geometry
New Geometry (with Retain materials activated)- replaces the geometry but requires us to reconnect the materials etc.
Update Geometry - imports a extra geometry set (keeps the old aswell)

So neither is what we are looking for, all requires that we reconnect materials etc. (maybe there is a "automated" way to do this also if we do import the new geometry so it is added to the scene and then somehow copies all materialisations etc. between the two sets?

Any comments, tips or whatever?

BR Henrik


We are looking into the development of the plugin as we speak. We expect to have it available in time for PLMWorld which takes place at the beginning of June.


Is there currently a Beta test for the NX Plugin for Keyshot? If so I would be interested in getting involved on the testing. I currently run NX 8.5 and will be installing Keyshot 4 shortly. I can see an NX Plugin for Keyshot being a huge time saver when geometry in the CAD changes and having to reapply materials to the CAD model.


Development hasn't started yet.

KeyShot 4 has vast improvement when it comes to updating geometry that has changed inside KeyShot. Changed geometry can be updated easily, however, you will need to update the entire model, and not just individual parts.