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Live linking controls & reliability
« on: March 14, 2013, 08:01:21 am »
In trying to use the clever 'live linking' feature, I have been finding the process sometimes crashes both Creo and KS4, but other times does complete, but after a significantly longer time than the original import took, like 10 minutes, during which KS4 saya "waiting for connection" with a progress bar on which no progress shows and Creo goes grey - ie looks as if it is crashing.

Is that normal?

I tried to use the help on "live Linking" but it does not seem to cover what the options in the dialogue box actually do.  I suspect that there may be options to speed up the import - ie can i tell it which items to update "manually", there is a manual option for the "live link part selection", but no instructions on how to use it.

And what does anyone know what the "live link host" option does?

Has anyone found any instructions / manual on the options? Am I missing something?

Thanks for any help.


....further to the above, I found I was missing something, Creo throws up a manual selection dialogue - but for some reason places it behind the main window so you don't see it - (very PTC).

So then you can select one or more components to update, which highlight nicely, I then hit the "OK" in the small selection dialogue, followed by the "Update now!" in the larger dialogue (not certain why it requires an exclamation shouty mark - unless it is a warning for the next bit) at this point KS4 says "Waiting for Connection" again and Creo immediately crashes with a "fatal error" - image attached, a few more minutes pass with KS4 "waiting for Connection" and then a Windows 7 dialogue saying Keyshot.exe has stopped working.

So it looks as if it might be possible to have a quicker update by selecting just the updated parts, except I can't get it to get that far.


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Re: Live linking controls & reliability
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2013, 10:04:12 am »
Live link host allows you to link to KeyShot on a different machine. All other options are documented.

We are looking into your file and see what we can find.