Options menu won't appear

Started by Robb63, July 10, 2010, 01:16:11 PM

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I can't get the options menu to appear. I've hit the spacebear, and tried it from the windows menu; but it won't show up anymore. The materials menu shows up when I press "M", and the render menu shows up; just not the other one.

Any ideas? I am using the latest version. Thanks



Yes - it moved off the screen.

Open the keyshot.xml file which is located in the KeyShot Resources folder in Notepad. Look for the following line:

<optionsdialogposition>100,137</optionsdialogposition> (this is mine)

Change the number to 30, 30. Save, then start KeyShot. Now your options menu is back.
This has been fixed in the coming update.


Worked Perfectly! Thanks so much!