Indirect ground illumination

Started by Robert V., July 06, 2010, 12:35:01 AM

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Robert V.

Hi all,

How can I enable indirect ground illumination for the end render?

I can enable it in the realtime view, and it looks awesome... but it won't show up on the end render.


Robert V.

Strange, I thought that indirect ground illumination was one of the new features keyshot is proud of. There must be some help available here as how to enable it for the end render.


I thought it was on.. in the final renders..?  Mmm I'll have to do a little test.


Robert V.

Hi Thomas,

never mind, I found out that the indirect ground illumination is just more intense in the real view. (compared to the end render)

Is it possible in the near future to set the intensity of the indirect ground illumination?